2016 Water and Wastewater Rates

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December 8, 2015
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2016 Water & Wastewater Capital Increases - Press Release December 2015

The operation of our water system is heavily regulated under Ontario’s tough water/sewer regulations. These regulations ensure that the water we drink is safe for you and your family. Lucan Biddulph Council and Staff wish to assure you that drinking water quality is our top priority and that our operations comply with all provincial regulations and policies.

All Ontario Municipalities are legislatively required to have an Infrastructure Capital Plan. The purpose of this plan is to pay for Capital Projects such as process changes or major component replacements and upgrades. This plan demonstrates to the Provincial Government that the Municipality has a formal plan in place to pay for Capital costs required to keep our water system clean and safe.

The Asset Management Plan prepared by Dillon Consulting, indicated that while the water and sewer network is in reasonably good condition, reserve funds need to be put aside annually for capital improvements. A five year capital plan in accordance with the asset management plan has been developed. The plan identifies significant future shortfalls in the water and sewer reserves if no increases are approved. As a result of the above, the following increases to the water and sewer capital funds have been approved by The Council for the Township of Lucan Biddulph;

2015 Rates

2015 - Water Capital Fund - $7.50/month

2016 - Water Capital Fund - $10.00/month

2015 - Sewer Capital Fund - $13.00/month

2016 - Sewer Capital Fund - $20.00/month

The 2016 rate increase amounts to approximately $0.31 per household per day.

The increases to the 2016 rates reflect The Township of Lucan Biddulph’s commitment to taking care of its water and wastewater infrastructure and ensuring every homeowner has clean and safe access to water for the foreseeable future. Funding for water and wastewater infrastructure renewal continues to be the biggest driver of rate increases to our water and wastewater system.


Kate Smith, Treasurer Dave Kester, Public Works Manager