Dog Licensing

Every owner of a dog within the Township shall register each dog owned by him/her and shall pay an animal registration fee in the amount as set out in accordance with the current Fee By-law. Click here for the complete Animal Control By-law.

  • The Township will issue a permanent dog tag beginning in 2012; in subsequent years, the owner will be required to pay the registration fee. The permanent tag will be issued for the life of the dog or until such time that the dog is no longer in possession of the owner to which the tag was issued. The permanent tag is not transferable to another animal or another owner.
  • A person who acquires a dog in any year shall obtain a licence and tag within fourteen (14) days after acquisition of such dog in accordance with the current Fee By-law.
  • The owner of any dog(s) not registered by March 31st of the each year will be required to pay a penalty as set forth in the current Fee By-law and such outstanding fee shall be applied to the property tax roll.
  • A dog registration shall expire on the 31st day of December of every year.
  • Every dog shall be inoculated with an anti-rabies vaccine.
  • The registration and permanent tag may be obtained at the Township of Lucan Biddulph Administration Office.
  • A licence or dog tag may be issued at no charge for canine vision dogs, hearing dogs or dogs trained to provide assistance to the physically handicapped upon proof of certificate provided by organizations including but not limited to the CNIB or Hearing Dogs of Canada. The annual registration fee for this dog will also be waived.
  • There shall be no refund or rebate to any owner for any portion of a dog licence when such licence has been issued in accordance with the provisions of this by-law.
  • No person shall own, possess or harbour a dog within the Township or allow a dog to be owned, possessed or harbored on the premises of that person unless a registration fee for the current year, for the dog, as required by this by-law, has been paid and every owner of a dog shall keep the dog licence securely fixed on the dog at all times when the dog is not on the premises of the owner.
  • Where a dog tag issued pursuant to the provisions of this by-law has been lost, or destroyed, the owner may be issued a new dog tag upon payment of the replacement fee as set out in the Fee By-law.
  • Every dog owner who takes up residence within the Township and where a current dog tag has been issued by another Township shall be required to obtain a new dog tag of the Township.
  • The Township may direct an official to licence each dog door to door. The official shall be authorized to require the owner of any dog(s) to pay the prescribed licence fee and upon payment issue a receipt to the owner and a tag for each dog owned.
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