Mayor's Message

Welcome to the Lucan Biddulph Council for 2014-2018.

“I will truly, faithfully and impartially exercise this office to the best of my knowledge and ability.”

It is quite a responsibility we have taken on. When a community places their trust in you to govern and steer the direction that a community takes, it is not only a responsibility but more importantly an honour; one we must face with humility and understanding. Those words from our oath must not be taken lightly. As we work our way through the issues, agendas, and decisions that we will face and make over the next four years, those words must always remain in the forefront of our decision making.

We will be approached by viewpoints on all sides of an issue. Sometimes those interests will be in conflict. We will find ourselves on a committee where not everyone agrees. We will not always agree. There will always be someone who is disappointed with a decision - not just around our council table but within our community too. We need to be open to the whole. If we are honest and accountable with our decision-making, we will be able to move forward and create an open and respectful atmosphere. We need to have that type of environment around the council table and within our community - that is what the people of Lucan Biddulph expect and deserve.

I am excited about the next four years and what lies ahead for us. To borrow a phrase from a well-known hockey coach: “Great moments are born from great opportunity.”

There is great opportunity in front of us. Past councils laid the groundwork for the development and growth we are experiencing today. It is up to us to be responsible stewards with the rewards of that growth and the needs that growth creates.

We have addressed the needs of our Public Works department. The redesign of the former Lucan Public School into a new Township Office and New Library is an exciting project as it makes the best use of the resources we have to meet our needs for today and tomorrow. The next large project we need to address is the Community Centre and Arena. Our Facilities Manager is creating a Recreational Master Plan. It will address the needs of all demographics–from our young children to our seniors. This plan will serve as a living document. It will help us develop appropriate programming and guide us as we evaluate the pros and cons of the centre we have now. The plan will help determine how to best meet the needs of our growing and changing community.

One of my top priorities is our Industrial Park. It is time for us to aggressively market it and Lucan Biddulph. We need to tell industry that Lucan Biddulph is a place in which they will want to do business and invest in our community. Now is the time to market Lucan Biddulph as a place to set up shop!

As we consider the needs of our community and how and where to spend tax-payer dollars; we must keep in mind all areas of residency. Clandeboye, Granton and Lucan residents all deserve the same consideration from us. Each have needs and challenges that are unique - while still being a part of the larger community. We must also be aware of the differences between our more “urban” communities and the needs that our rural residents have. The physical demographics of Lucan Biddulph are unique. It can be challenging. But no matter where we live, all are of equal importance.

Prior to the election, Paul and I were working with our Public Works Department devising a plan to change over our streetlights to LED lighting. This will be a responsible change over. It will benefit everyone from an environmental and fiscal standpoint. I have continued to meet with the department to ensure we move on this. Please look for information on this coming shortly from the department.

I’m sure we will all agree that one the number 1 burning issue - the one we were all asked about during our campaigns - is the traffic light at the Corner of Hwy 4 and Saintsbury. We are all aware of the background of this issue. Our public works manager has a recent report that he will share with us in the coming weeks that addresses the light. As a township, this is an important need for our residents. I hope you will join me on keeping it on the front burner. We will need to communicate with the province and county just how important this is for OUR community. We need to make this happen.

Lucan Biddulph is fortunate to have the staff we do. Everyone from senior management, administration, to the roads and water departments, to our recreation staff–everyone works together to do the actual work that needs to be done. That’s why Lucan Biddulph runs effectively and efficiently. These people are our resources, we need to respect the work they do and the knowledge they bring to the table.

So yes, I am excited for the next 4 years and I hope you are too. I look forward to working with you. We must do our homework, be respectful of each other and our residents. We need to be open and communicate honestly about the decisions we make. I believe the people around this table, with the staff we have and with the Lucan Biddulph residents around us, we are up to any challenge that is in front us. The next 4 years will offer us much. This is Lucan Biddulph’s time and opportunity…it is up to us to take it!