Notice of Public Meeting - Consent Applications B-6 B-7 2022

Posted date
Small Town

OWNERS: Bernard and Margaret Avery
AGENT: Robert Daniel Avery
LOCATION: 33998 Saintsbury Line and 192 Spencer Avenue, Lucan

Purpose and Effect of the Consent Application
The purpose and effect of this application is to convey two (2) vacant parcels of land to support the development of single unit dwellings on each parcel.  Each parcel would have a frontage of approximately 16.32 metres (53.5 ft) along Spencer Avenue and an area of approximately 629 square metres (0.15 acres). Containing a single unit dwelling (with an additional residential unit), three (3) drivesheds and a decommissioned car wash, the lot to be retained, having frontage on Saintsbury Line (County Road 47) and Spencer Avenue, would have an area of approximately 22.91 hectares (56.6 acres).