Phase II Lucan Biddulph Community Memorial Centre Renovation Project

Lucan Biddulph Community Memorial Centre  Rendering
Lucan Biddulph Community Memorial Centre Rendering

We are excited to announced that the project was awarded to Tonda Construction Limited at a total cost of $9,057,741.00 including HST.

The Township has received a grant of approximately $5.5 million dollars from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program Community Culture and Recreational Stream for funding. The remaining cost will be funded by Township reserves, a fundraising campaign and a long-term loan. Over the past number of years, Council has been dedicating reserve funds through the budget process in planning for future renovations of the Community Centre. The Campaign Committee has been established to develop a plan for securing and recognizing donations as well as fundraising activities.

The Lucan Biddulph Community Memorial Centre is more than a building, it is a place where residents and visitors come to play, celebrate and grow together. Whether you play sports, participate in fitness attend weddings or community events, the Community Memorial Centre is your home away from home.

Our community is known for coming together to show our community strength and passion. This pride and the planning that has been undertaken helped us to successfully secure a joint Federal/Provincial grant of $5.5m toward revitalizing the heart of our community by modernizing it and making it accessible for all. With contributions from all three levels of government, we are setting a Community Building Campaign goal of $750,000.00. This renovation and revitalization project is the largest project our municipality has approved in a long time.

This project will be make our Community Memorial Centre a place of pride we can share with generations to come.

It's time to come together again, to show what we can accomplish. I hope you will join me and be part of the growth for our community for years to come.

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Renovation Snapshot:

  • A new enhanced accessible entrance that will be more spacious and welcoming with glass panels which will lead visitors to a lobby/gathering area. This entrance will be located at the east side of the Community Centre.
  • Elevator access to new seating/viewing area
  • Expansion of south side dressing rooms
  • Accessible dressing rooms which will act as change spaces for the pool
  • Additional multi-purpose community hall with dividing wall for adaptability
  • Improved/more bathrooms
  • Additional parking
  • Tennis courts will be moved to Spencer Ave Park and take shape as a new multipurpose court

Engineering Drawings