Notice of Public Meeting - OPA1-2022

Posted date
Small Town

Purpose and Effect
The purpose of this housekeeping amendment is to update the Township’s Official Plan to implement up-to-date policies as a result of recent legislative changes. The effect of this housekeeping amendment is to implement and update complete application requirements for Official Plan amendments, Zoning By-law amendments, site plan approval, approval of plans of subdivision (including condominiums), and consents. Further, this housekeeping amendment would provide policy direction that would allow council to delegate the passing of minor zoning by-law amendments to a municipal committee, officer, employee or agent, and provide policy direction as it relates to requests for the cancellation of a certificate of consent. These amendments are a result of recent updates to the Planning Act through Bill 13 – Supporting People and Supporting Businesses Act, 2021, Bill 276 – Supporting Recovery and Competitiveness Act, 2021 and Bill 109 – More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022.