Community Improvement Plan

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In May 2021, Lucan Biddulph adopted a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to encourage rehabilitation, revitalization, and redevelopment across all of Lucan Biddulph. Through the CIP, funding is available to local businesses in the form of grants and reimbursements.

CIP Funding - 2021

The application window for 2021 is now open for the following grant program:

1. Beautification Program

The Beautification Program is intended to assist and encourage property owners to undertake visual improvements to their buildings and/or sites to improve the overall character of core areas in the community. Funding through this program will be geared toward balancing a mix of historical and new construction/architectural styles in order to maintain a balanced community identity.

The Beautification Program shall be limited to those buildings/properties located within the following Eligible Areas, as shown in Appendix A: * Lucan Settlement Area o Lucan Main Street (Highway 4) Corridor o William Street (County Road 13) Corridor * Granton Settlement Area o Granton Line (County Road 59) Corridor.

Applicants may apply for funding under one or a combination of the following grants:

1. Construction Costs Matching Grant Grant equal to 50% of the Construction Costs associated with the Eligible Project, up to a maximum of $5,000.

2. Professional Fees Matching Grant Grant equal to 50% of the Professional Fees associated with the Eligible Project, up to a maximum of $1,500.

The following non-exhaustive list is intended to provide guidance on the types of projects eligible for funding under the Beautification Program: * Facade Improvements, such as, but not limited to: * painting (including wall murals/art) * restoring facade masonry and brickwork * restoring architectural features * replacing or repairing windows * improvement of the appearance of entrances * re-design of storefronts * installation or repair of canopies and awnings * install or repair exterior lighting fixtures * any other facade improvements which may be approved by the Township * Installation, expansion, or renovation of a permitted streetside patio/terrace directly associated with a business; * New/Improved Signage; * Landscaping Works, such as but not limited to: * Permanent planting beds/greenspaces (in-ground) * Semi-permanent/permanent planters/fixtures * Permanent Artwork (murals, plaques, installments)

Eligible Project compliance/noncompliance with any or all applicable eligibility criteria shall be determined by the Township of Lucan Biddulph at their sole discretion.


Applications will be accepted from May 15th until funds have been utilized.


Visit the CIP document for background information, and further details on the application process. As the application process includes an initial consultation meeting, please enquire early.


Before Applying:

Read over the CIP document, which outlines the process from application to project completion.

Meet with the municipal staff prior to submitting a grant application through the CIP. Lucan Biddulph’s Economic Development Officer is the primary contact and will coordinate the initial consultation meeting between proponents and municipal staff.

After discussing your project with municipal staff, complete the grant application form found at the bottom of this page. You will need to provide details about the project work planned, estimated costs, and timelines.

Final Community Improvement Plan (April 2021)

2021 Application Form


Contact Lisa deBoer, Economic Development & Communications (@email)